The State of Bob

Hey everyone. I’ve been nervous about launching a Patreon for a long time. There are some deeply-held prejudices against asking for help in America. So this is a place for me to work on believing in myself and my work for those interested in doing so to support it. 
2017 has been a hugely exciting year for me. I finished my MFA in May and got married in June. More recently I have: 
  • Learned that my wife and I are expecting our first child together in April of next year. 
  • Started a new job with Site Strategics. I’m their Content Marketing Strategist, meaning I get to develop content for both our clients’ marketing needs and our own internal marketing developments. It’s a great agency filled with talented and friendly people that make work fun. 
  • Accepted a job teaching an adjunct class at my undergrad alma mater. I’ll be teaching Intro to Creative Writing at the School of Adult Learning in February and March. 
  • Trying to treat my own creative writing as a professional endeavor. 
That last bullet-point is a continual struggle for me. I’ve started to send some stories out for publication, and the rejections have been encouraging. I am working on a rewrite and developmental edit of the novel that comprised much of my thesis. Even though I am doing all this work, I still have a healthy bit of imposter syndrome that I struggle against constantly. I’m hoping that committing to myself through this Patreon will help me build habits that counteract some of those negative tendencies. 
I am also exploring a bit of an experiment I’d like to do. I’ll tell you more about this later, but it involves a pen name, self publishing, and Amazon’s pilot season strategy. 
Thank you for joining me here. I’m excited to share more of my journey as a writer, marketing professional, and father. 

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