Up and Running

I’ve been working on revamping and relaunching my website for a while now. It’s gone pretty well, and I would say I’m done except for some detail work and tweaking. (Headshots, widgets, and tweaks are still to come.)

Things have been pretty crazy. I started a new job as a content copywriter and I am loving it. Luckily, the difference in topics and styles has yet to create any problems related to my own creative writing at home. The well is full, I just sometimes fail to make my way back to it. There are only so many early mornings and late nights a body can take. Thank goodness for lunch breaks. 

My work space and coffee are not nearly this peaceful or fancy.
My work space and coffee are not nearly this peaceful or fancy.

I used to blog regularly during my undergrad days, and it seemed to greatly help my writing and thought process. The room to breathe and set out thoughts in a more organized format that social media does not typically afford is great, at least for me.

I’m hoping to use this site as a tool to develop as a writer, resource, and communicator. I’ll discuss my writing in progress (hello, thesis!), share what I’m reading, and break down what works in books or stories I admire. I’m hoping to start emailing out a book recommendation a couple times a month, so be sure to subscribe.

This will really free up space for more Diamond Joe Biden memes on my Facebook, which I know everyone needs right now.

Thanks for reading!



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